Craft Table

One of the top features I required in my search for a home was a place for me to do my work/art/craft. A place to spread out, make a mess, leave it to clean up until (much) later. We lucked out and found a place that had that space for me (basement) as well as creative space for my husband (attic).

After all the dust and boxes had cleared from moving in, and the bathroom was remodeled, and the baby was born, I was excited to get to work. I knew many of the home sewing projects I was about to undertake required more space than a standard sewing table would give. I started to make my list of the perfect table:

  • Large surface area
  • Comfortable working while standing height
  • Inset sewing machine, also removable
  • Flat file type drawers
  • Able to reach across for tools, etc.
  • Long ruler for measuring
  • Lower platform at the appropriate hight to work a sewing machine pedal while sitting on a stool
  • Laminate surface
  • On wheels

A quick Google search came up with nothing. So what else was there to do but make one, or in this case, have one made? My favorite contractor was up to the challenge. I gave him this render from Sketch up:

And a few weeks later he delivered to me one marvelous work table.

craft table craft table inset craft table sewing machine

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