As a graphic designer by day, the last thing I want to do when I get home is look at a computer. But I find more joy in making things, anything, than sitting in front of a tv. So over the years I’ve taken up any hobby that requires assembling materials, whether by thread, lead, mixing or fixing.

With the purchase of our first home, I finally have a work space large enough to really dive into all the projects in mind. The house itself is an additional project. A twin built in 1927 with brick facade, plaster walls, some knob and tube electrical, peeling paint, pink bathroom… it has it’s charms. Fortunately, there have been updates made, such as a finished attic and basement, as well as a new deck, so it’s not entirely overwhelming.

I hope this site helps encourage anyone feeling intimidated by projects to jump in. Or if lack of confidence is not the issue, then learn from my research, successes and mistakes.

Kristine Jones @ Springhouse

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