J&K Wedding

Marriage and compromise go hand in hand. Early in our dating days, Jason and I discussed what our ideas were of an ideal wedding.

Being the youngest of four children, I liked the idea of eloping. Since my older two siblings had the big church weddings, I felt no pressure to please my family with another one.

Jason on the other hand, made clear a wedding was important to him. If not to indulge his romantic side, then for his mother, so she could beam with pride to see the first of her four children married off.

When the time came we reached a compromise between our ideals: I agreed to a wedding, he agreed to something small and low key.

Visit Jason’s blog for a rundown of the day.


Date: September 17, 2011

Location: The Valley Green Inn
Ceremony by the creek followed by an afternoon brunch

Photography: Photos by Deb K

The Valley Green Inn is nestled in the Wissohicken Park surrounded by green and along the banks of the creek. We didn’t feel the open patio needed much decoration and kept things simple. Jason’s love of writing inspired the vintage typewriter theme. It also just so happened that J and K are next to each other on the keyboard.

Blank cards fed through an inkjet printer (double sided). Metal rings were then glued on and filled with clear embossing fluid to give it the feel of a vintage typewriter key. Envelope address and return address were typed out with a typewriter.
_MG_0725 _MG_0724_fixed _MG_0708

Seating Cards:
Guests’ first initials were placed on a typewriter key pendant and affixed to the seating cards. It was suggested that they could either be added to a necklace or a keyring.


_MG_3768 _MG_3769

Guest book:
Scoured craigslist.org for old yet functioning typewriters and printed a few sheets of paper with letterhead. Guests’ typed us out well wishes. The mistakes and charm of the old school typing gave it charm.


_MG_4667 Typewriter_MG_3746 _MG_3750

Groom’s gift from bride:

Actual typewriter keys fashioned into cufflinks.

Donated by a good friend. Exactly what I was looking for and an amazing seamstress shortened the full length gown to tea length then used the excess fabric to add the needed size in the bust. I used the same fabric from the flowers to add a splash of color with the sash.

I hated the idea of our wedding flowers being temporary and thrown away, so I fashioned boutonnieres and two bouquets of fabric flower pins that were then dismantled and handed out to the women. Thanks to duhbe.com for the great tutorial.
Flower_MG_4229 Bouquet_MG_3774 Bouquet_MG_4895 _MG_5036

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